The Same

Growing up in church, there's a sameness. Singing the same songs, listening to the same announcements, hearing the same sermons, talking to the same friends afterwords. The same ol' same ol'.

But then on one of the handful of same Sundays someone will walk into church that no one would expect to be there. Now, often, no one will say it, but there will be whispers and unconscious thoughts of "Whoa...their....different..."

Usually, the difference, in our eyes is not good. Sometimes it's skirt length, sometimes it's tattoos, sometimes it's the color of the clothes they wear and sometimes it's a spiked six inch Mohawk. We act as a judge and jury in our mind toward one person over their simple appearance.

Now tell me, what would God say about this?
"Well...uh...we're supposed to love each other, no matter what but...they are like.. REALLY strange/scary/weird looking!"

You've heard of the saying, "You can't judge a book by it's cover", right? It pretty much rings true. God says, "Men look at the outward appearance,but I look at the heart".

You don't know WHO that person is at all by their clothes. Yes, you can tell what colors they like maybe or what band they adore, but really, all of that is superficial. To ACTUALLY get to know them you should try talking to them. Through conversation you will see glimpses of their heart and attitude. And in this way we are exemplifying one of God's characteristics,to care.

I'll be the first one to say accepting people as they are and loving them no matter what they dress like or even act like CAN be difficult, when everyone else around you isn't. I encourage you to really TRY to get to know people before you deem them off as something their possibly not. And to love them and accept them as God

Romans 15:7 "Therefore accept one another, just as Christ has also accepted us to the glory of God."