Jesus Loves The Floor Cleaners

I found myself washing the bathroom floor recently. Instead of using a mop, I was doing it by hand with a blue rag and a bottle of all purpose cleaner. I have to say, that I found the task, initially, quite gross. But as I was on my knees, scrubbing away at the dirt and whatnot a thought popped into my head. God talks to people in lots of different ways, and I've come to determine that He likes popping into my private conversations with myself(which really aren't THAT private since He knows them...but anyway).

This thought was,"Jesus loves the floor cleaners". As cheesy it sounds at first, let me explain somethings. Being on ones knees is now, and never has been very glamorous. Red, ruddy knees are not a very often complimented attribute. Then there is a fact of does ANYONE look at floors anyway? Seriously thinking about it, when you go to a person's house you don't automatically examine their floors to see if they are clean. It really is a seemingly pointless task.

But,God loves the humble. And,I don't know about you, but when I think of the word "humble" and it's position,it's being on you're knees. People might not see me cleaning floors, but God does. And, I figured, this is what a humble servant looks like. It's not about being in the highest place to be seen and have people take notice of your actions. Sometimes, it's you, cleaning floors in a bathroom. Or, say watching kids on Sunday mornings. What you're doing might not be glamorous, but God sees, and God cares, and with the right attitude, you could be glorifying God just as much as you could be if you were doing it around others.