There is a saying,"Disappointments are God's appointments". However,rarely do we see these "appointments" as Divine. Rather, we see them as pesky roadblocks to our plans for our life. When we become disappointed often times we look to God, and ask "What the heck are you thinking about up there? I am CERTAIN this activity/event or occasion would be a GREAT opportunity to..(start listing off the different points to make the particular function a good one to attend in your eyes) Therefore, with my evidence (and your lack thereof),making ME right,and You, wrong". Oh, can you see the pride coming out of your nose? Who are we to tell the God of the Universe He is wrong? The perfect One who laid the master plan of your life, even before you were born,that He made some kind of mistake in His working?

In Jeremiah 29:11 it reads,'"For I know the plans I have for you",says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope(NLT). With that verse, we learn that obviously God wants the best for us. He doesn't want the worse or the horridest or the meanest. He wants THE best. Most of the time our best doesn't match God's best. We can see a situation one way, and He sees it a completely different way.

An example of this in my own life has become quite prevalent. I spent a good chunk of my "childhood" in a church I loved with people I loved, who I thought I would NEVER EVER leave. Soon,those hopes of mine came crashing down, when my Dad felt God's call to be somewhere else. I went, but oh I went kicking and screaming. This move wasn't MY plan, and I disliked it a GREAT deal, so much,in fact I vocalized it quite openly to my parents. I would rather have been with my friends that I had known since forever and the adults that had been in my life since before I could remember than having to attend a new church and begin all over again with gaining friends there. Finally we found a church we liked. Settled down, two or three years later,a day or so after a week long camp in Florida with other teens, comes that same news. I had REALLY thought God has us where He wanted us at the time. I had JUST started making friends, and there He goes pulling the rug out from under me again. Then we came to this really weird church , it was called Kingsway Community Church. They didn't have their own building, they met in a school.The people there raised their hands in worship and the guy who preached, named Aaron, had the richest, thickest voice I have ever heard. And oh, did I mention they silly stringed a newly engaged couple? After getting past all the familiar territory of being new, I came to love the church God finally brought us to.

Now looking back at my disappointments, they were not disappointments at all, they really were God's appointments. Nothing that occurred to me in past, would I have chosen for myself. Only God had the power and knowledge to guide me where I needed to be and know where I needed to go. Had I stayed where I wanted, I probably wouldn't be typing this, or even THINKING about typing something like this. It is ALL God's doing and none of mine that I sit here and hope this typing of my words makes sense to you and that it somehow shows you something you never knew.

With that,God bless you! I hope you exit out or walk away with a better understanding of disappointment,and how we should react at those times to it. Ifs you have any questions,comments,queries or concerns,feel free to put em' in the comment box. We loves feedback, it helps us get to know our readers.


  1. Thanks so much for that post on Disappointment. I myself have disappointment right now, and I can see that. Being part of a church plant is and isn't fun. I lost more then half my friends and I'm not one to open up to everyone. But thankfully I have some good friends. But why did we need this church plant? Now we too have to move. Thankfully, we are moving to another town, not state! But I don't and do want to move. I have everything I need here. Friends, woods, some yard, a room I love. And soon... It will be all taken away some day.
    So this post has helped me see that I am telling God I know better then He, and that isn't true. (No matter how much we wish!)


  2. Very excellent Annie...it's so easy to forget that God knows best but He always does whether we think so or not.

  3. this is really good you guys! i think that this is definitely off to a fabulous start! =)
    ily <3 .

  4. great note! very encouraging and points you to the Lord.