Lenses. I'm used to standing behind them. I like taking pictures, and lenses are important parts of picture taking. If a lens is dirty, smudged, or broken it is difficult to take good, or even decent pictures.

As people, we are all born with busted lenses. Our view of the world is distorted. We can only see but so much through the the cracks and dusts we have received. Try as we might to wipe the dirt away ourselves or cover them, the defects are unavoidable and unremoveable. Left to our own devices, we would navigate the world as the rest of humanity, through messed up lenses.

But there is a Master Repairman. He's renown everywhere. He can fix your lenses for free, because His Son paid the ENTIRE cost for, not ONLY you but the WHOLE world, so you could get to go see Him. Knowing your great need for clear vision, the Master Repairman has given you an invitation to come into His workshop. However, this invitation is not mandatory, it's voluntary. There is few who choose to come and many who do not.

The few who accept and enter into the workshop are greeted warmly, as if they were family. Their lenses are taken out gently, and replaced with a clean and clear lens fitted especially for them. Along with that, they are given a protective covering for their lens to protect from any damage. Before they leave, they are given a life time guarantee to return to have additional cleanings and or repairs.

With new lenses in, stepping out of the workshop,one sees everything differently. What had once been blurry is now precise and clean cut. What one thought wasn't there, now is. Those who haven't been to see the Master Repairman think those who have are ,to be perfectly honest, crazy. But to the eyes of those who have been changed, being called crazy is perfectly okay. They would rather be called that then sane, if crazy is what they are. Returning to their prior lenses would seem more backwards then anything. They cherish the lenses they were given and the Master Repairman that gave them. And nothing anyone could possibly say or do will change that. For, if you haven't figured it out already, this is a story about US.

God is the Master Repairman. He can fix,alter or change ANYTHING or ANYONE. His Son, obviously is Jesus, who payed the ultimate price(His own death) for us to come to His Father. Those of us who went to the Master Repairman's shop are those of us who are Christians. Those of us who didn't, are the non-Christians.

I've found it interesting the different points of view of the two groups. And just how differently we see the world in comparison. Often we tend to think everyone thinks the same thing we do,or something similar to it. What we need to remember is that everyone is seeing the same thing differently. It would do good to investigate and try to understand others view points so as to get a glimpse into their own lenses. Then so after doing,compare those to a Biblical standpoint and discuss the differences between the two worldviews.


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