Faithful is Our God

We all have our own way of being encouraged on a daily basis. Bible verses are tucked inside a little notebook you carry around all the time. Your Bible itself is the size of a little notebook. Or numerous verses and quotes are plastered to your wall. The latter is my method.

Throughout the day, my eyes will wander over my walls and read a specific verse or quote I have pasted there. I'll nod my head and think it's a good verse, I'm glad to have put it up there.

But yesterday something changed. I sat in my chair and read all of the verses and quotes. Going from wall to wall. But God did something different this time. Instead of me going from each one to the other, after I read a verse, God would take me back to the moment to when I had put it up. Tears could have been streaming down my face when I put up a truth about God being a shelter. Or I could have been rejoicing to know no chains are worn in the courts of the Most High. Every quote and verse had a story.

Then God did something else. Not only did he show me my circumstances when I had put those notes of encouragement on my walls, but He also showed me how He had delivered me from them. Each verse tells a story of God's faithfulness. A time when He revealed something about Himself to me.

God is so faithful! Thank you Lord for giving me a reason to smile and worhsip you with my WHOLE heart! You are an awesome Heavenly Father who delights to serve His little children.

So take a look at your own wall, or highlighted Bible, or little notebook. Ask God to reveal what was going on while you highlighted that verse, or pasted that quote. Then pray He would help you remember how he was faithful in that situation. As you hear time after time God has heard your plea and helped you take time to praise Him! Shout at the top of your lungs about His goodness, dance around your room in praise. God smiles down as he watches.


  1. thats awesome I love when God reminds of how we were struggling and he saved always is refreshing to hear and remember stories like that of yourself and of others. thanks for sharing!