All Or Nothing

As I was searching YouTube a few days ago I stumbled upon a song video, and below that video was a comment from someone. The song incidentally was "Jesus Loves You" by Stellar Kart. Now, normally I bypass the comments, usually because there is nothing worth reading in them most of the time but I came upon this while skimming:

"even if he is realo. (not saying he is or not)

im sure he wont want every1 to give him everything we have woked fr....

The second half of the comment really got to me. Right off the bat I thought,"Are you KIDDING?! He wants EVERYTHING!".

Then what Jesus' said in Matthew 6:24 came to mind:
"No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other;you will be devoted to one and despise the other.(NLT)

The sum of it is, all or nothing. You can't give God only certain parts of your life, while clenching on to the rest for your own use. An example of this could be music. If you did not include God in your choices in that particular area, then which Master would you be serving in that?

God wants it ALL. I'm not talking bits ,pieces, slices or squares, I'm talking ALL. Complete and total surrender of you're entire life to Him.

If you haven't made that step already,to make Christ your Master over you're entire life, I encourage you ask a pastor, a friend who you know is a strong Christian, or one of us for that matter! We would love to share our Savior's life with you and lead you to Him!