A Revival.

I accepted Christ into my life when I was 12 years old ( No I don't remember the exact date and time, sorry). For a year I studied my Bible earnestly wanting to know how to serve God better. It was a joy and a privilege. Then it became boring. The Bible lost it's spark. It wasn't alive to me anymore. Meeting with the Lord everyone morning was no longer a privilege. It was a chore. A boring. Boring. Boring. Chore. Prayer lost it's power too. So I feel away and sought my pleasure elsewhere. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was up to my head in sin. I stayed that way for 3 years. Three wasted years. Little spiritual revivals would come and last a short time and then I would fall away once again.

About two months ago I became fed up. I wanted to serve my God and leave everything behind but I felt powerless to do so. Something was missing. I knew for a fact that I was a Christian. God still worked in my life when I let Him. I prayed and prayed for hours and tried to read the Bible with that same enthusiasm as I had when I was a new Christian. But it was futile. God felt distant. I felt discouraged and powerless. Powerless. That word best defined my state. Willing but powerless.

Last night I told my Mom about everything that had been going the past few months. She said she was pretty sure she knew what I was missing. The Holy Spirit. I'd gotten to know the Spirit a lot more by observing him work through other peoples lives so I instantly agreed with her. So she gave me the above message by Terry Virgo to listen to.

I listened to it and it was phenomenal. It answered all the questions I had, had about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was ready! My plan was to wait until Sunday when my brothers and sisters could lay hands on me. But God had other plans.

About the point in the message where Terry goes into to detail about speaking in tongues I grew more and more excited. At the end of the message while I was praying along with Terry, God spoke to me, probably the most clearly he has ever spoken to me. He said: "The next thing that is going to come out of your mouth will me praising me in tongues." So I stood there for a little bit. Then...I opened my mouth. What ushered forth was nothing short of heavenly. I couldn't understand a word and I didn't care. The illustration of rivers of living waters flowing from your mouth is about as close as you can get. It's just unexplainable. Praise God! It was the most amazing experience in my entire life.

After I stopped praising Him in tongues I grabbed my iPod and ran upstairs to my iPod dock prepared to sing praises to the Lord! Haha I'll never forget what the Lord said to me. He said: "No, sing your own song to me in tongues." And I did. It wasn't much of a song. More like a rap of sorts but I know it pleased Him so much to hear it!

Wow! Hallelujah! God is amazing.


  1. Thanks Carter for sharing this experience! And for saying yes to sharing this.

  2. How pleased I am, Savannah, and your team members, that I now have the knowledge to view SET APART. Thanks for the instructions.

    I've read lots of the articles on your site and I am so pleased that God is using all of you to communicate HIS love to others.

    Savannah, your LIST article made me chuckle aloud. All my life I've had a TO DO LIST but most days I accomplish only a small percentage of what I thought I needed to do. But God does have his own clock and HIS very own agenda and I'm most in TUNE with HIM when I follow HIS leading and not mine.

    Keep writing, girl. I'm so very proud of you and the talent God has given you. GRAM SHIRLEY