Heidi's Thoughts On The Election Results

I wrote this with in minutes of the announcement that Obama is our next President.

"Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America." At these words spoken last night America erupted, some people with joy and some with fear. I was sitting on the couch and reacted immediately with a prayer. "God have mercy on America!"

I sat numb as the television screen showed thousands and thousands of ecstatic Obama supporters screaming and crying with joy in their victory in Times Square. All those voices blended together pierced my heart; it sounded like a new born baby's wail. Tears ran down my face unhindered as I realized that America's next leader will allow the shameless murder of thousands and thousands of unborn children. Again the cry rose from my heart, "God, have mercy! Have mercy on all those precious babies who will be killed! Please God..."

John McCain, his wife Cindy and the Palins (I'm sure we'll see Sarah again in the future) by his side, gave a speech to disappointed supporters in Arizona.I was struck by his humility. He was so sincere and humble; urging unity and congratulating Mr.Obama graciously.

I feel a satisfaction that America has elected an African American President. Though I strongly dislike and disagree with most of Barack Obama's beliefs and policies, I realize that this election has finally bridged a great and unfair divide between races. It is an amazing day historically for America, and conservatives are needlessly stubborn if they do not realize this.

What now? Will Barack Obama be a socialist leader who attacks America's traditional values? Is he the friend of terrorists that some have made him out to be? Only time will tell.

I am so aware this is a crucial time for Christians in America. We need to pray for our country and new President. We must be sure to stand up for life as it is obvious that our new President won't.
We must place our hope and trust in Jesus. So many Americans have put all their hope and trust in a man who, just like you and me, is a sinner and will make mistakes; setting themselves up for major disappointment. America needs to realize that Mr. Obama can't bring about the most important change we need; Jesus can.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this!