Relying on God is no easy task. You can't just say, "Oh today I feel like relying on God." No, it doesn't work like that. God puts circumstances into our paths to make us rely on Him. But even then it is difficult to rely on God. Why? The world puts roadblocks in our way. There are psychiatrists doctors, friends, antibiotics and drugs which make us "feel" better. But in truth they hinder us from casting ourselves into the Lord's hands.

When I was going through many health issues, I would rely on man-made stuff first, and God would be second. If I would start to feel my body reacting to something I ate, I would just open a pill bottle and put my special machine on my stomach. I wanted the pain to go away as soon as possible and these things I used, had real results.

But in doing this, I deprived my Father his favorite pastime, to listen to the pleas of his daughter rise to heaven and to answer them. And even when I prayed my mindset was not correct. 'If God doesn't touch my stomach, I can just do this and it will feel better.' I was blinded by the medicine labels, so to speak.

In 2 Corinthians, Paul reminds us that God puts circumstances in our way so He can deliver us from them! But we need to rely on Him and not on worldly things.It's hard, because everywhere a Christian turns there are ads for this new medicine, success stories of the new shrink in town, or hidden messages in movies which project how drugs make you forget your troubles. It is a tough battle to rely on God when Satan has put so many other things in our way. But it is a battle worth fighting because we receive an eternal reward.


  1. Hi its Blair this is such a cool blog! (:

  2. Go, Savannah!

  3. hey i really like this post savannah, its really neat to see how God has been showing you stuff, and now that comes through as great reminders and encrouagement for everyone else! thanks for posting stuff on here!